IMPORTANT: There are heavy performance issues in Firefox, but it works well in other browsers such as Chrome and Opera Touch. Please try it in one of those if you run into any issues! :)

The theme of the jam was "only one".
We tried to keep it simple and make a rhythm game where your only input changes your color within a set rotation. The objective is to match the bottom bar's color with the falling squares to score points, and try to get a high score!

MatataBlack (Sound design, art/visual effects and coding): github
gordoforro (Coding and art/visual effects): find me on github, and twitter!
narmuzz (Testing and brainstorming): github


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suceeded to 33! Don't know if it's high but pretty proud ! very fun and groovie but i lost 5 minutes to understand how to change color (didn't understand the latency)

Excellent title